Tastes So Good Tuesday: Tone It Up Protein Bars

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Hi loves! Have you noticed that I've turned Tastes So Good... into a fortnightly thing? Do people prefer this format or would you rather I go back to weekly posts? I'm easy either way!

This week's recipe (is not my own!) has fast become one of my favourite Tone It Up recipes that I've ever made!

With the start of the Drop 10 Challenge looming last week, I was really motivated and inspired to stick to the Tone It Up plan and really incorporate it into my Uni life. That being said, I needed to find some good Meal 2 and Meal 4 options that were easily portable and quick to get together!

I had bought a Trek bar earlier on in the week on campus as a quick fix and I had seen a few bar recipes floating around on Pinterest so I decided that I was going to make my own bars! Whilst the Trek bar tasted ok (I used to think it tasted really good - then I tasted my own!) it cost close to £1 for one bar - following today's recipe I made 14 bars for an absolute fraction of the price!

As I mentioned above, the recipe this week is not my own although I made some modifications.

I didn't use the almonds listed in the TIU recipe and instead of a whole cup of dried apricots, I used half a cup and added half a cup of cranberries =D And that's it!!

What's more, they are no bake bars and are super simple! They have also kept really really well - I wrapped them up individually and stored them all in a tupperware container. 

I honestly cannot recommend these bars enough, they are completley filling, taste like no other bar I have ever tasted in my life (AKA AMAZING!) What's more - they are so so easy to take any where with me - M2 has become the meal I most look forward to every day!!

I know what some of you might be thinking; 'protein bars - yuk!' But honestly, protein powder is not going to make you bulk up and it is not going to make you look like you've been abusing steroids; it is going to help your body repair from all those crazy workouts you've been doing and it tastes delicious! I (of course!) use Perfect Fit Protein :)

For the recipe you can click here! Trust me - these bars will change your life hehe!

Love and Hugs,
Georgie xx

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  1. Yay! An old school TIU recipe, I love this one as well and had completely forgotten about it so thanks for the reminder!

    I need to get some Perfect Fit, currently have a bag of Sunwarrior and it makes everything taste chalky! Yuk!


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