About Me

About Me

Hi, my name is Georgia, welcome to Georgia M. Edwards.com! I'm a true believer in the value of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and this blog encapsulates that. I have a passion for healthy living, cooking, beauty and travel and I truly hope that I can pass that passion on to you through my blog posts. 

I've seen firsthand how a healthy lifestyle, rather than a diet, can change your life! With a lot of help from the Tone It Up diet plan and community, I have lost over 30 pounds and have totally changed my outlook on life. I have learned a lot of lessons along the way and most importantly I have learned to love my life and cherish every moment! 

I'm a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a Law student, a Tone It Up girl, a half marathon runner, part-time Mermaid (I wish!) and a friend.

I'm also a qualified Nutritionist so rest assured, the recipes I post on the blog are full of goodness! Although be warned - I am a sucker for a cheat meal! 

Please feel free to subscribe to my social media outlets - the links are all in the sidebar - to keep up to date with what's going on in my life.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy what you see and keep checking back. It's truly appreciated.

Email: g_edwards27@msn.com


  1. this is so inspiring and great! i just joined the TIU team and I'm super pumped! started the 7DSD today and love it! good luck to you! i'll be reading :)

  2. Hi Georgia! My name is Sharayah and I just joined the Tone It Up community. I bought my TIU Plan a week or so ago and I actually found you on YouTube! I watched you "Day In The Life of A Tone It Up Girl" and I was hooked every since! I'm actually from Arizona, so seeing that you went to school there is amazing. :) I look forward to more posts! Check out my blog any time; I'm blogging about my fitness journey and living a healthy lifestyle as well! lovesharayah.blogspot.com


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